Align your energy with the Divine

30 minutes - once a week. Enhance your intuition and connection to Spirit through guided Spiritual Attunement.

After joining OmniaMaia many say they feel a deeper connection to their spirit guides & intuition.

You're Not Alone...

My name is Kim Robertson

I am a Medium, Clairvoyant, Life Coach, Tarot Card Reader and OmniaMaia Attunement Facilitator based in New Zealand. As the planet experiences a spiritual awakening, so can you.

Attune to a higher frequency.

Relax and receive Universal Light Attunement, Calming Crystal Connection, Divine Deep Healing, Chakra Balancing and Connection to your Spirit Guides, Animal Totems and so much more.

Connect at a time that suits you.

Choose your own day & time to join the Spiritual Attunement . Or join with many others every Thursday at 9pm (NZDT). In the comfort of your own home, it's up to you.

Scientific Studies show...

When we align our vibration with peace at the same time as many others, we create a ripple effect of peace in the environment. This enhances your experience & it also helps to manifest a future full of peace & healing for our planet.

Start a routine to tune into your spiritual self once a week for 30 mins - at a time that suits you.

Connect to your spirit guides and loved ones on the other side. Receive guidance and healing from the spirit realm.

What is a OmniaMaia Spiritual Attunement?

Here you will connect to a higher frequency. It's that easy. Sit back, close your eyes and follow my voice. This allows your subconscious mind to relax and find a deep state of peace.

Get more out of your day.

By starting a routine of aligning yourself with your needs, you will feel less stressed and able to be more productive.

Sleep deeply

Listen to the Attunement anywhere, sitting or even relaxing in bed. Start the day with the Attunement and you may feel that you have more energy and clarity. In the evening you may find you fall into a refreshing sleep.

OmniaMaia Attunement

Every OmniaMaia Attunement is channeled from my Spirit Guides to you. Each session takes you on a gentle journey of self discovery and healing, and is always delivered with love.

Raising your vibration to meet the new era of consciousness.

Our beautiful planet is entering a new era of consciousness and if we want to meet that higher frequency there is so much we can do to raise our vibration - together.

If you already have a routine of tuning into your spiritual self....

I invite you to experience the enhanced collective energy of OmniaMaia Attunement.

If you have never experienced an OmniaMaia Attunement before.

It's easy. Just relax and follow my voice.

When you get started today you will...

Join OmniaMaia every week as we send out a wave of peace into the environment. You can access the session any time that suits you.

Relax and receive Universal Light Attunement, Calming Crystal Connection, Divine Deep Healing and Connection to your Spirit Guides, Animal Totems and more.

Experience your own personal Spiritual Awakening as you learn how to manifest everything you need with love and light.

Enhance your spiritual connection with unconditional love and guidance.


I asked the universe to send me someone - and they sent me Kim.

"Kim has encouraged me from a heart space to learn about myself and what my own gifts and skills are. I’ve learnt so much about how to trust my own intuition. Kim is encouraging, empowering and an absolutely beautiful human being."- Toyah

"Kim has given me effective tools on my spiritual journey."

"I will always come back for more" - Sabrina

"This spiritual journey with Kim has been empowering and surreal."

"Kim has enlightened me with helpful tools and provided tuition that has been very insightful." -Julie


"Beautiful nature, lovely personality and wants you to enjoy and succeed. Thank you Kim." - Lauren

"Can highly recommended Kim"

"Kim truly speaks from her heart and is passionate as to her teachings." - Pat

Highly recommend.

"It was an amazing atmosphere to meditate with a group of like minded people, makes it way easier. It was a breathtaking experience. I can highly recommend Kim and connection with spirit" -Markus

"This lady is absolutely amazing"

"Enlightening, encouraging with Love. " -Daniella

Thank you for sharing your light in so many ways

"The attunements are helping me on a few levels - from helping to balance my moods & step into my day with a positive mindset & it’s also me starting the habit of having a magic rising ritual & encouraging more meditation etc. Thank you" -Danielle

Bring magic, love, passion and inspiration back into your life

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OmniaMaia Community

Instantly connect with like-minded people. Share your collective Attunement experience. Give advice and help to others.

Listen On Any Device

Use your phone, tablet, laptop or TV at no extra cost

OmniaMaia Attunement

Choose your own day & time to join the Attunement or join with many others every Thursday at 9pm (NZDT) It's up to you.

What the world needs now is love - and so do you. Light up Your World today.

A 7 week journey of Spiritual Awakening

Light Up Your World

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Light up You...

Receive guidance, healing & messages from your Spirit Guides and loved ones - with love.

How can I do something positive for the planet?

2 minute video


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Free Video

Listen to the Attunement anywhere sitting down or relaxing in bed.

BRING BACK BALANCE Life is so busy and full of stress. You deserve 30 minutes of peace to restore your energy and connect to your deep inner guidance.


I'm too busy, how will I find the time?

The Spiritual Attunement can be done in bed while you are falling asleep. This way it will go into your subconscious and bring you peace at a deeper level. 30minutes - once a week.


What if I can't relax?

The Attunement is designed to get you "out of your head" and 'into your heart'. Out of your 'thinking' and into a space of 'feeling'. That's when you will be able to hear your hearts desires and receive guidance - connection to the Divine.


What if I can't visualise?

It's more than a visualisation, it is a feeling, a knowing, an imagining. There is no right or wrong.


How will I know who my Spirit Guides are?

You will! Your Spirit Guides are communicating with you all the time. When you practise attuning yourself to their vibration, they will be so happy to connect with you. You will find that you may see them, even hear their names, and understand your purpose here on Earth.

If you would like to know more about Kim Robertson

Clairvoyant, Medium, Tarot Card Reader, OmniaLife Coach, OmniaMaia Spiritual Attunement Facilitator - please click the button below.


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